17 June 2009

"a job well done," she nods with satisfaction.

with every single task that i do, i feel i get to cross it off some huge mental list with utter glee. it's a sad commentary how excited i get over the lil'st things. this evening was a great example. i was in the middle of ripping up some carpet when i realized that it was getting to be time for jert to be getting home and i knew he'd probably be pretty hungry so i washed up and then donned my june-cleaver pearls/apron/heels/makeup/perfume and whipped up a tasty dinner.

and after you finish spraying soda all over your screen, wipe the tears tracks of laughter from your face, now then. what i did get really psyched about was i alphabetized and organized the dvd's and the vhs tapes. hold on, wait, AND i also went thru the huge friggen box of office supplies. i KNOW, right?!?

hey, i take my satisfaction from a job well-done where and when i can. no task too small or menial to fly too low on my radar. *blip*blip*

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  1. Sigh! "Dirty Old Man" Alert! I just flashed on you cooking supper in just heels & pearls! Heh!Heh! Is it warm in here or is it just me? Love ya babe!


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