22 June 2009

thanks so much

yesterday, i sent a bag home with one of my friends of ruby red grapefruit slices, lettuce, purple onion slivers, cucumber slices, red radishes, baby carrots, some of my salad topping mix, green bell pepper slivers, and such. she and her family are vegetarians, and so those are things that she'd appreciate; esp since she is very involved with their church and today was the first day of vacation bible school {so i figure she'd have little time to cook for her family}. we'd given two of jert's kids some extra hamburgers and hotdogs and stuff for their families meals last night. so this morning, we had no evidence that there'd been a cook-out yesterday except for the remainder of my lovely friend's {she'd be my best woman, maid of honor; ya know, if i had one~~except i don't cuz she's not so big on water and uhm, our wedding ceremony is on the pier, standing room only (except for jert's mom, who'll have her wheel chair) as the pier and decking is simply not large enough for everyone} key lime meringue pie. which i've been drooling over since i'd tried a bit at the cook-out yesterday. it's soooooooooOOOooooooooooo good {ahhhhhhhhhhhm}.

so last night, jert and i'd decided that we'd go on and plan to grill the rest of our hamburgers and hotdogs today so that we'd have food for the week, without needing to cook every night. this worked out exceptionally well, as i remembered the italian hot sausage and chirozo in the deep freeze this morning. after work, jert came in hot and sweaty, changed clothes, fired up the grill, and got even more hot and sweaty grilling the delicious meats. yummy. thanks, my jert!

his youngest dropped by with her two lil ones and all of a sudden, jert's two lil doggies start raising a ruckus and going beserk while trying to climb thru the window to the deck. i'd been slicing purple onion and so it took a minute for me to rinse of my hands and grab a towel so i could wrench the door open, with them yapping urgently at my feet and knees. here it'd been that the lil three year old boy had been startled and let out a screaming cry and that's what set the doggies off into protect-the-boy mode. resuming the slicing of bell peppers, a few minutes later, my shaddow lane growls deep in her throat, her chest rumbling warnings, and then a sharp bark and i run to the door to see what's raised her hackles; again, the lil guy'd been startled and let out a yell and shaddow charged to his aid. nice to know our doggies are so protective!

i received my second piece of mail today, from a lovely woman in minnesota, who may come spend some time with us this winter. she's my crocheting croony, and as i was removing her presents to me, jert exclaimed, "hey, she made you a pen for the reception's guest book!" and i thought, what a great idea! and she made some wonderfully pretty stitch markers, which jert pointed out would make excellent earrings. and the box they came in is a very appropriate mary engelbrett with two friends with their arms slung around each other's shoulders {pal o'mine}. and a set of note cards with hanging baskets of pretty posies, which i absolutely love, Love, LOVE cuz i like writing and sending notes just to let others know i'm thinking of them {it's always extra special to receive cards for no reason, doncha think?}. and {i can't show this to you now, cuz i'm temporarily set up in the cooler living space and so no cam and no scanner} she sent me a note, with a very apropos card in the shape of a tea cup. very elegant and lovely!

thanks, sweeterpea!!

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  1. Well, you are one very chatty and happy person since you met and agreed to marry Jert! I am very happy for you.

    Did you move yet? I'm so confused.


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