20 June 2009

....uhm, think much of yourself?

the short answer to that would be "yes".

the longer answer is that i love the way jert allows me to be me, encourages me to be me, appreciates me for me, and finds me very desirable as is. that's a big ole boost to the ego, in huge ways when he does lil things. he's soooOOOoooo sweet to me!

lately i've been having lots of weird dreams {don't we all?}, in part cuz there are all sorts of things on my mind and in part cuz when the weather shifts, so does my thought processes. some dreams are scary, anxiety-causing; but most are just weird, things juxtaposed that make for extremely odd dreams.

and then every now and then, i'll have a funny dream. something that i can put into words but that is laughable. like one this morning, just before i awoke.

i dreamt that jert and i were at this HUGE store, like a super walmart/kmart/target, but even bigger. we walked in the front door and the greeter gave us the following task: find one item that will make the other person happiest. so i rush into the store, trying to brainstorm {which in dreams is very anxiety-producing} and finally grab some tissue paper, plastic wrap, ribbon, and lots of colored duct tape. and rushed thru the checkout and over to the customer service desk where i pressed the associates there into assisting me.

i wrapped each leg in several different layers of various colors of plastic, layered with various colors of tissue paper (babbling about how the colors would mingle to create other shades and tints and how i'd be like a gob-stopper, many layers of colors). i got wild with the duct tape and ribbon, getting extremely rushed in my attempts to hurry things along. {for some reason, since i didn't buy scissors, the employees at the customer service desk were loathe to let me use theirs}

eventually, i'm all thru and i rush over to the entrance/exit/greeter and start scanning for jert and there he is!! so i start hopping up and down, and when he does get over to me, he is laughing and grinning and just so happy and i got happier cuz i made him happy. it was a big ole happy fest going on!

yeah, so then i woke up and thought, "cheeeezzeeee, kah, ricccce...debra...think much of yourself?" to which i answered with a resounding, "yup!"

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