20 June 2009

in the still of the night

i've not read stephanie meyer's twilight series. but after tonight, i think i'll look into it! i wasn't able to get the movie to play in the dvd player, so i decided to see if it would play on my laptop and so got out my earplugs and popped the movie in. and was blown away.

the cinematic shots, special affects, lighting, environment, all that and so much more combined to give the characters an extra intensity that just had that much more of an base-level tumultuous sensuality. it was easy to get swept up and to feel the scents, smell the rushing pulses, and taste the very sweetness of possibilities. *sigh*

i held off from seeing it, cuz i don't generally get all sucked into the hottest new trend and fad. also, i like to read, more so than watch a movie based on a book. but the other day, i'd heard about a band that was scheduled to open for NO DOUBT; when i looked them up {i think they're paramore~~sic}, i realized that they do one of the songs for twilight. then tonight, the movie came into my hands and i gotta say, i'm glad it did.

if the book is better than the movie, i may have to just bite the bullet and get my own copies of the series; rather than drool all over the library's copies. i'm sure they'll appreciate that. and that way i can maul my way thru at my own pace.

now, if you'll excuse me, i must go simmer down a bit and see if i can calm my racing thoughts enough to fall into the arms of blessed cool slumber. g'n'nite, sweeterpeas!

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