27 June 2009

CanTeach asks...

What is your favourite room in your home and why?

Well, in my lil place on the farm, my living space consisted of the kitchen and the living room. I'd arranged everything to fit in that space, my bed, my yarns, my tv/vcr, my computer, my portable audio system, my books, my teas, my ingredients and glassware for baking my breads, and oh so much more. So in a hue way, I didn't have separate rooms, so the decision was easy; my living space was my favorite room in my home, cuz it held my entire life.

My home on the farm was completely my own. I had no reason to answer the phone, so the ringer remained in the "off" position. My home was restive, soothing, and oh so good for me.

Here, in jert's place, my favourite room at the moment is most likely the breakfast room. That might change in the future, when all the rooms in the house are completed. But for me, now, the breakfast nook is perfect. It's open, roomy, soothing; from the light peppermint tea green walls to the small oak table just the right size for two. The cafe curtains are white with grape vines edging them. The two china cabinets are filled with jert's grandparent's dishes, bowls he used as a child, and other glass dishes that appeal to the visual balance of the room. The air is scented with lavender essential oils and sweet vanilla candles. The chairs are very comfortable, and the doorways are large, opening into the rest of the main living space. Now that my computer set-up is tucked into a corner, the room is even better. It's really my favorite room at this time.

Make your space your own, and allow it to sooth you, or stimulate your senses, or show your creativity, or what ever you'd like. Love your space, allow it to fit you perfectly. Your house truly is your home; just as your body is home for your soul, so is your home meant to be your home, a place of comfort and fosters, reflects the love that is you.

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