04 June 2009

idn't my ring finger just soo beautiful?

yeah, sooooooo that whole "tie my arm to my side" thing is gonna have to be rethought and most likely discarded in favor of minimizing the damage done to my own foolish self. earlier, my left hand got very very intimate with the door jamb and a heavy cabinet. squished right in there, it was like wood sandwich with me for the meat filling. mmmmmmmmm. tasteeee.

i've never before squashed my nail like that, kenya believe?!? as clumsy as i am, you'd've thought that i'd've done that plenty of times. but, nope.

it's sure pretty tho. a lovely deep purple with a definite bluish undertone at the base (and by that, i mean that i can see thru my cuticle, shivers abound) and fading to a lovely fuschia that i wasn't aware a body could produce.

see there? learn something new every day.

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