27 June 2009

writing my way outta the friggen rut

for the last several months, i've written lots about the house-project, and cleaning, clearing, scrubbing, waxing, painting, and rearranging. i'd gotten away from writing about a wide variety of subjects, things that were pressing in my life at the moment, and things that were on my mind. sometimes, i'd have no idea when i opened the "new post" window what i'd be writing; which was alright cuz it usually turn out to be something good anyway. but in these last few months, i'd been allowing myself to fall into a rut, and stay in that well-worn groove. it's pathetic and i'm rather ashamed of myself because it affords a certain amount of safety, writing the same thing on the same topic, repeatedly.

well, pft on that.

so the other day, i was wandering around some writer's sites and came across a list of questions/topics to get your writing jump started if you've stalled out {or in my case, just spinning the wheels and getting more deeply mired in muck}. some questions/topics are embarrasingly silly, trite, or mundane. but then i got to thinking, 'well, yeah, but most anything would be better than this drivel'.

so i made the quasi-commitment to tackle one per entry {or day, depending on how i'm feeling, for i know that i do need to allow myself some flexibility}, in the order they are listed. so that you might plan accordingly, if you want to see my response to a particular issue, here's the site. not exactly profound, on the surface, but i'd think profundity has more to do with how you respond versus the question posed.

so the next entry is the first question listed. come join me, or not. 'sup ta ya!

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