02 June 2009

ripping out carpet, fuuuuuuuuuuun

today, i called memom to discuss a cornucopia of matters. topics, questions, and notes were spilling outta my mind in a plethora of randomocities. memom is used to that and she handles it beautifully. sigh. that's my mom.

one of the topics we eventually hit on was a return visit from her with the both of us focusing on what it is that i can do prior to her arrival to eek the most out of her stay. she'll not be able to be here for an entire month again, so we need to streamline things so that we know exactly what we can do. i know that it had to get immensely boring reading about clearing, cleaning, scrubbing, waxing, painting, etc. the last bout; so i intend that i shan't be so tedious this time around.

instead, i'll do all the work in the nude. with one arm tied to my side. blindfolded.

too bad ya can't see me, either.


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