24 June 2009

i see thru ya

Earlier today, i got my new glasses and the iDoc also dilated my eyes this visit cuz someone else was driving me. the iDoc was concerned about the effects one of my meds may be having on my eyes {abnormality of accomodation} and the quality of my vision. so, he'd like to see me in six months. there is a strong likelihood that i'll be wearing bifocals {or trifocals, yeah, i'm that much fun} within the year. oh yea!!

so i donned my extremely dark shades and headed toward the library; where i witnessed some of the most snootiest behavior i've seen here lately. i came this {-} close to saying something but i didn't cuz i was trying to quiet the several strong reactive opinions going on internally. proud to say i exercised constraint. well, at the time.

constraint be damned now! i'd described the incident to others and was able to check my own perception of reality and yup! turns out the woman really was a bit of a bitch. thing is, our library {like most public libraries} does not have unrealistic fines in place. they charge for things like overdue penalties and damaged books, and oh! dropping off a book (much heavier in density) in the wrong bin (dvd/cd/tapes). there are numerous signs posted in various relevant places so that there is no surprise like, dude, you're charging me for that?!?

this woman was more like, you're charging me for that? she'd stepped up to the counter, with a rather smug expression upon her face; managing to look down her nose at the common populace even tho she was actually quite short in stature {you'd think looking down your nose from a shorter position would be defying logic, but apparently not} and snootily informed the librarian, her own son, and a smattering of other patrons that she never has to pay fines cuz she works for the university's library, and they just waive {she actually waved her own hand rather pompously to illustrate just how they dismiss charges for her} those pesky lil fines. the woman seemed to be peeved that she should have to actually pay the fines she'd incurred. as this was not exactly a private transaction, and i'd already heard that she had managed to accrue rather hefty fines {an eight dollar library fine doesn't seem like, ooohpseee, my bad} at several branches within the consortium {including her son's highschool, which is currently not in session}. so she snippily takes care of the fine for the current location of that specific library but haughtily informs all of us that she will just have the rest taken care of tomorrow, when she returns to work.

hm. there are so many things that came to mind, not the least of which was: lady, as an employee of a state land-grant public institution which does not have scads of money to throwing around...moreso, as an employee within a library...you'd think that she would be more than familiar with how fines work, and where the monies produced go, and the importance of using public resources responsibly. it isn't blockbuster (remember their no fee campaign? yeah, didn't work so well for them either) or netflix (altho they too only allow you to take so many movies before they want you to return them before they lend you others) or a bookstore (ya know, where you'd buy the book instead of taking it home, smudging it with chocolate ice cream and snot and then returning it within a renewable two week time frame). it's a public library.

man up and pay the damn fines for delinquent behavior instead of thinking that you should be exempt cuz you work at a library. if anything, you should want to enforce the rules of the library rather than knowingly keep books out of circulation that others may be wanting to read past four weeks. but, i guess you take the perps ya can, even if illegitimate; cuz it shows that you have some real clout to be waiving those fines.

yeah, you the shit. i'm impressed. and i know the other folks witnessing this whole transaction are too. we're all in awe of the things you can make happen. *gasp*

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  1. Some people. I think she must have transplanted from here to there ... that sense of entitlement makes me nutty.


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