05 June 2009

my WorldCat

sometimes i bookmark things with good intentions, then later when i weed thru them, i think, "what the hell?!?!" most times, i rediscover why i'd noted it in the first place; but there are those few strays that make me think that i was not in my right mind when i tagged the "p'nut butter jelly" time dancing banana. spike might like that for his 'comedy for stoners' segment, but probably not; seeing's to how its been around longer than his late night show.

then there are those left hand linkees {<-------------look!}. i'm usually pretty selective about what all i load my page with, for a few reasons, not the least of which is that generally, i like to streamline things as much as possible and as such, am so not the girly-girl frilly hearts and butterfly kinda gal. and also cuz i'm on dial-up and have great sensitivity for those other po'ass suckers on the slow line too. {yes, i'd ridden the sho'bus; but that was cuz the entire fourth grade at the one room school house was only nine kids}

so earlier when i was checking out a new-to-me site called stop! yer killin' me!! {check it! it's allllllllll about the mystery books}, cuz i wanted to check out this martha grimes chick who appears to be suffering from dissociative identity disorder {not really, but dude, her writing style was dragging but i read three of her books cuz i like the story, just not her writing style and then BOOM! the fourth book i picked up (cuz i'd already checked it out of our flpl) is AWESOME in story and style~~it's called "Biting the Moon" and it rocks; i saw a buncha other authors that i thought, wow, i need to check them out. but before i got my hopes all hiked up in the stratosphere, i thought, 'better check on availability'.

now a few months back (or maybe more like a year ago, time is taffy, doncha know), a good friend of mine who works as a cataloging librarian introduced me to the wonderful world of "WorldCat". basically, it's the huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUuuuuge ass catalog of the entire world's holdings. if the media has been cataloged, ever, by any one, any where; then it's in this database. AND the best part is...(well, it's free, otherwise i'da never even glanced at it; i'm allllllllll about free, ya know)...the absolute best part is, that for any title you put in, WorldCat generates a list with all the places which have it in their holdings, based on their proximity to your zipcode!

i KNOW! how cool is that?!?! plus there's like a gazillion other nifty neato things about the database service, so if you like to that sorta stuff, you'll wanna check www.worldcat.org and make it your own too!

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