26 June 2009

my shaddow lane

shaddow has always been a sweet, kind, gentle girl. she's generous to a fault. often times, when there were other doggies visiting, or lil ones joining the household, shaddow would stand back from the food bowl and let the guests gorge themselves. kinda like she was saying, "oh sure! help yourself, she'll give me more."

harley-boy is a lil doggie, a whippet-chihuahua blend. shaddow is a 65 pound black lab with some girth that makes her seem like a big dog {even tho she is on the small side for a lab}. shaddow sits off to the side, in the kitchen, with her head angled so that she can see into the feeding station in the room with the deep freeze. she so patiently waits for pretty pearl and harley-boy the horn dog to finish eating.

sometimes, harley gets all big and bad, and tries to throw what lil weight he has around. so he'll stand for an extra-long time at the food bowl, staring out of the corner of his eye to see if shaddow moves from her position in the kitchen. shaddow is patient tho, and just sits there, biding her time.

today, i noticed that the new location of the awesome computer set-up allows me to see her as she waits for harley to finish. with pearl, shaddow just eases up and drinks some water while pearl's eating. it's like pearl is not afraid but harley is. or maybe he just thinks, "hey! i'm eating here!"

earlier i glanced into the kitchen and shaddow was actually laying down, in her usual sitting/waiting spot. i knew without a doubt that harley was hogging the bowl and that shaddow was more than willing to wait her turn.

patience, more than a virtue.

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