02 December 2008

yea! good on me!

Earlier this evening, I was talking with a friend in Chattanooga who'd asked me what several people have, so I thought I'd just go on and address the issue here. No, I don't speak with Scott anymore. For several reasons, not the least of which is that friends don't do like he done.

In fact, the last time I spoke with him was back in October. He'd called to tell me how much he wanted things between the two of us to work, but then was whining about what a self-centered bitch the girl who told him in July that it was gawdah's will for them to be together. I asked him why he continued to take her calls then.

And then, I answered myself, "oohps, guess I'm one to talk; after all, I still take your calls and you're the most self-centered asshole I know."

Then, I hung up. And haven't spoken with him since.

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