13 December 2008

cover yer head

Some of you may remember this past winter, when I knit a condom and put it on my hat. If not, here are the pictures.

Last night, I crocheted a hat of cotton and trimmed it with fluffy black boucle. On this hat, is a christmas tree, complete with colorful threads and topped with a radiating golden star. See?

I'm waiting for the propane truck, cuz my gauge's needle cannot drop any lower. It's a physical impossibility. Which makes ya wonder how it is that I still have gas. Fumes, my dear, fumes.

I've prepaid so I ought to be having automatic delivery but that has never happened. Since I've not been feeling too perky here lately, I haven't been checking my propane tank. I don't usually throw a fit when things don't go according to plan, cuz things usually don't for a variety of reasons and there is no benefit to be gotten from hopping up and down and flapping my arms like a funky chicken.

But this time, I might make a minor fuss. Cuz dude, I get fussy when I'm not feeling well and heat is sorta important and I shouldn't've had to call to remind them to do their friggen jobs.

At least there's plenna hats to wear.

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  1. Dude, fumes ain't good! I'm a little worried about ya!


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