12 December 2008

how fitting

A few years ago, Puffs started to feature these lil animated kids in their commercials. I loved them. There are certain commercials that tickle me and these kids make me giggle.

I don't know much about this, but I think it is claymation of a sort. The kids are sculpted, and their facial expressions as well as body movements probably take many minuscule adjustments and many still shots to get it all down just right.

Or maybe they are entirely computer generated.

However it is done, these kids make me feel just a bit better. And yes, I tear up during Hallmark movies too.

I'm a sap like that.

And when I'm not feeling too good, I take comfort in the lil things that give comfort.

Even if it is a box of tissues and some mentholated chest rub.

My tea pot is done gurgling, gotta go!

{scampering off}

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