02 December 2008

yeah well, my other car is a cadillac

So last week, I took my car in cuz I had a hole (in my bucket, dear liza). The Fix-it Dudes replaced my gas tank cuz I didn't just have a hole. Within an hour of my getting my car back, I had returned it to the garage cuz it was s.s.s.s.s.stuttering and my gas gauge wasn't working. That was the time I woke in the waiting area with two small children staring at me.

They put a fuel filter on and sent me home with instructions to bring it in yesterday. So I did, and they got the gauge to work and poured some Heet in to take care of any water droplets that may have been in the line causing the car's stuttering. I brought it home last night.

This morning, as I was driving in for my appt, I noticed that my indicator on my gas gauge was bobbing from half tank to empty and back again. "Well," I thought, "I'll swing by the garage after my appt." And I did that, but not before my car stalled at the traffic light and a camo-man came to my rescue and pushed my car into a parking lot and then took me to my appt {thanks, camo-man!}.

The Fix-it Dudes gave me a loaner while they fiddle with my pipes, lines, tanks, filters, and such. And the loaner? A Cadillac! I've never even ridden in one, let alone driven one! Dudes! there are more doodads, buttons, and levers in there than the launch pad for a space shuttle. And I pushed, pulled, and adjusted a few.

But only a few, cuz I was ascairt. I'm sure that one of those buttons would do something important like notify the command central that there has been a security breach. And then I'd've some splaining to do.

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  1. I've never ridden or driven in a caddy before but I did sit in one that belonged to Elvis once.
    Does that count?


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