12 December 2008

clean! i'm clean! i'm bright, shiney clean! squeaky clean {rubbing skin, erRerRerRR}

Even tho the shower wore me out, I feel better, cuz dude! I'm human again! Showers tend to have that affect on me, I always feel soooooooOOOoooo much better after one. Don't we all? Yes, I thought so.

I've also begun to tackle the mountain of laundry. Doing laundry or dishes or really any task gives me a sense of accomplishment (yea! I did it! yea!!). Yes, it's sorta lame and pathetic, but ya take the yea!s when and where ya can and I'm not too proud to discuss the mundane here.

The thought crossed my mind that mayhaps I'd attempt to do a few errands; but I scooted that thought right outta my head. I don't want to push it and end up feeling worse just as I am beginning to feel better. The crud is clearing up, ears don't itch and my throat doesn't feel quite so raw. My lungs are mastering the breathing thing much better today. Ya know, why risk it by going to the post office to mail this box of books? Standing in line doesn't sound like fun right now, especially on a Friday two weeks prior to Christmas with folks hacking, snotting, moaning, and groaning (like I'm doing right now, thanks for reading! grinning weakly).

So no leaving the house to brave the wet world beyond, with cranky peoples and all. Unless the fix-it dudes call about my car. Frankly, I can't even look at that thought straight-on. It exhausts me and scares the bejesus right into me. What's the damage gonna be, this time?

Needda nap.

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