03 December 2008

Have a Gorey Christmas

This is one of my favorite holiday cards and it is by one of my favorite artists, Edward Gorey.

I think many can relate to the pre-holiday madness, and then the crushed holiday forced cheer, and the post-holiday exhaustion.

The movie, Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas", is not related to Edward Gorey's card.

I love the movie tho. My friend, Glenn, and I rushed to the theater when it came to rural Pennsylvania and we sang the entire soundtrack. We had so much fun, dancing in the aisle and squealing and giggling and chortling; ahhhh, fond memories those, fond memories.

So this is my tongue in cheek card that I send to those folks with a sense of humor. Cuz ya know, not everyone gets it.

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  1. Well, anyone who has ever had children, a spouse, a job and you know, themselves to look after ... totally gets it. LOL


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