05 December 2008

tropical cookies

I awoke this morning with a horrendous headache which persisted til about 10p. So today while I was running errands, buying groceries, dealing with the possible financing for the very expensive car repair (nearing one thousand dollars for repairs within the last ten days), and the rest of the fun! Fun! FUN! activities, I had a killer headache that had me vomiting this afternoon (whatta joy I am, huh?). yes! I am that much fun.

Around 10p, my head finally felt like it was regular sized and no longer containing a swollen bruised brain. So now, I'm awake and functional. Joy, oh! joyous joy! I decided to make the most use of this celebratory mood as I can.

Since this person who is helping me, this gracious gifter, this assisting benefactor shall remain anonymous to me; and also since I would like to express my gratitude, I wrote a pleasant card of thanks {using the winter pirouettes from a few entries ago} and am baking some cookies for him. That way, I get to add some extra oven heat to my freezing abode and do something useful and something that makes me feel better and shows my thanks. Hopefully, he isn't a diabetic, or allergic to coconut, bananas, pumpkin, cherries, chocolate, or sour cream.

If he is, those tropical cookies will kill him. But it's the thought that counts, right? *grins*

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  1. Your benefactor has restored MY faith in humanity, too. I'm soo happy for you on so many levels right now!


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