11 December 2008

greetings {and get wells} to all

I've spent the day resting, crocheting some while TV played {are you smarter than a fifth grader? no, really; are you?} or while the audio book played {the osama bin laden i knew}; or snuggled under the quilts, reading {fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe}. For awhile this evening, I chatted with a friend, via computer cuz dude, my chest is not up to doing much besides the minimal breathing {i say this with certainty, cuz dude, i laughed and thought i was dying}.

Shaddow has been resting as well. It's nasty out, not only is it cold and wet, but it's been windy too. I'm glad that Shaddow's been sacked out on the bed, and I'm sure she is too {she very reluctantly went out earlier for a bit; she has amazing bladder control, but I wouldn't want to test that}. She needs a bath, but I'm not up to it, just yet.

I think I'll finish up this one-piece double-thick hot pad and catch tonight's rerun of Law and Order {Criminal Intent}, then call it a night. I've been drinking so much tea that I slosh slightly when I move. I'm sure the extra liquid is doing wonders for thinning the mucus, but I'd really like all this to be gone in a snap! for everyone that is under the weather, with this crud.

christmas is in two weeks! tho i don't feel so christmasy, i do feel that it is definitly winter and am glad that the shortest day of the year is soon to pass. perhaps most appropriately, i do feel yulish {bring the yule logs on!}.


  1. Yes...it's the season for nesting and cocooning, but possibly the bin Laden story doesn't quite fit with the rest of the scene. Stay warm and well.


  2. Yule Logs! Come and git yer Yule Logs!


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