04 December 2008

holidaze tease for me!

Last night, Jacki called to say, "omg, Debra, I was at WalGreen's and saw some teas and thought of you; and here, let me tell ya where they are..." That's right, folks, I got me some peeps on the look out for teas. They hook me up!

I love mint tea, I love green tea; and this Candy Cane Lane is a good blend of both!

This tea smells wonderful, like I could just gobble that man's spongy lil cookie head right up and drink it right down. k, yeah, I'm that much fun. Cinnamon and ginger make this gingerbread spice tea extra wonnerfullest.

But, it's the luo han guo {monk's fruit}that makes it naturally sweet with low calories {which at the holidays, can be an unintended blessing, shhhhhh, our secret, k?}.

This is the very first tea that I made as soon as I came home. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, the name alone makes me feel all sweet and cozy. It's got milk thistle, orange peel, and vanilla beans; smells devine and has a light taste that is not overpowering but does linger a bit.

Since these teas are Celestial Seasonings, they are 100% natural, caffeine free, and yummy!

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