25 December 2008

*gasp* sneaky santa

Last night, memom called and said that this morning, after I wake up and perform my morning ablutions; give her a call. So I did, and sang Merry Christmas to You {merry christmas to you, merry christmas dear fam.ill.ee, merry christmas to youuuUUuuuuu} to the answering machine; mom called me back. And sent me on a treasure hunt.

My crafty mom hid a huge package for me when she was here a month ago. All kinds of goodies were in there, including a pair of soooooOOooo soft jammies and a lovely candle and scented body gels and bars and lotion and scents and oh my! And my calender. Every year, for the last 25 yrs, mom has given me a pocket calender for christmas, and I think I have at least the last ten years saved in the other room {good for records of important dates and events and things}.

Whatta great surprise and the perfect way to start my Christmas! Thank you so very much, mom!! {merry christmas to you, merry christmas to you, merrry chRIStmas to youuUUuuu, merry christmas to you}

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