20 December 2008

can't cantata

A couple weeks ago, when I went to my friend's lil girl's piano recital, the day my car stalled and the day I was feverishly congested and attempting not to hack during the children's performances; yeah that day, my friend invited me to her church's christmas musical. I asked if by musical, she meant "west side story". No, Debra {sigh}.

So this morning, I drove over to her church and discovered anew that I should not sing godly hymns {none of which i am familiar with} when surrounded by godly folks praising god. I'm either two beats behind, three notes higher, or way way too loud. Or ya know, all three.

I'm so enthused and relieved when I do recognize a tune that I rush thru it instead of maintaining a stately dignified rythm. This makes "go tell it on the mountain" into "goatle town mounnnnnnnnnnTIN". Yeah, I was real popular today.

The 'musical' was actually a bit of a cantata; the sermon was sung by a choir that was huge, nearly one third of the entire congregation. My friend was one of the beautiful voices that sang praises and boy, was I glad they weren't depending on my vocals to be eloquent. cuz dude {snort}, sooOOoooo not happening.

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