12 December 2008

the shaddow knows

Shaddow is resting, shhhhhhhhhh. The light isn't good for pix taken at night, that's why so many of my self shots are contrasted with dark and shadows. I take the still shots with a webcam, and have no overhead lights {which suits me just fine, sensitive eyes, doncha know}. Mostly my webcam is used for pix of my projects.

Shaddow is a little over seven years. She's a black lab, with webbed feet; so loves to swim in the ponds out here on the farm. She's about 65 lbs, which means she's small for a lab; but plenty big for a dog!

She's got a fine spray of white around the eyes and her muzzle grows in whiter with each passing day. I've had her since she was two months old, so she is my sweetie.

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