09 December 2008

home, home again,

i like to be here, when i can.

During this morning's appointment, I punked out. I think the combination of some medications I usually take with the cough syrup with codiene, along with the crud in my lungs and my Eustachian tubes; well, all that combined to make me sweat and swoon and burrow into the carpet, pleading that the earth would stop its rather speedy zipping around the sun in a spinning hectic whirl. I felt better after I vomited.

Turns out you shouldn't swig down half of a bottle that has 240 doses in it. Just kidding, I mean, no, ya don't wanna do that. But also, no I didn't do that. Honest.

Later this afternoon, I called the fix-it dudes who had a rather funny story for me. Along with the caddy loaner, so I be stylin'. Again.

The funny story is that while Charlie, the head fix-it dude, was out driving my car; it stalled. It wouldn't start again. So he had to call for a tow.

Well, I thought it was funny.


  1. oh... you have the crud too? I have been sick for three weeks now. Disgusting. I hope you feel better.

  2. You know perhaps mr anonymous benefactor should get you a new car. It would be cheaper for him in the long run!


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