04 December 2008

responsibly accountable

Among the movies I have bothered from the local public library is "Nuts" with Richard Dreyfuss and Barbara Streissand. I remember watching it about twenty years ago when it first came out on VHS. However, I don't remember much from that viewing. I can say that I know that I most likely didn't understand most of it, not because I was incapable of understanding; but because I probably glossed over much of it. When I was younger, the noise in my head would ratchet up when I would encounter triggers that threatened to drown me. The static would allow me to zone out and then I'd skate by til it was safe to think again, safe to be again. I was strong enough to use this coping mechanism.

I still am. Strong. Now, I am more aware, with less static, less headnoise.

This movie, awesome on so many levels.

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  1. making me want to go borrow it myself if it's available. I remember seeing it back then, but now totally don't remember it. Age. You know?


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