22 December 2008


I'm all twitterpated.

In just a couple-few hours, I'll be all gussied up and on a date. Me. Date. Dude, I've not done the date thing since I don't know when. See Thumper? That's how I'm feeling at the moment. A few days ago, when he (not Thumper) called to ask me out, I did a very stereotypical girly-girl thing; I thought, "omg, what am I gonna wear?" I then followed that thought with, "Imma doofus; I'll go with clothes, that's a safe bet. Especially with the temps here of late." And, ya know, what with the holiday pudding pudge poundage; nude is really not appropriate. That's just how I'm feeling at that moment. Could change. Probably not.

I'm thinking I'll go with Thumper's hair-do; I'll be smashingly beautiful, doncha think?



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