08 December 2008

zip goes the day. so fast, and yet, it drags on and on and on and o

Candy Cane Lane brewing, furrbees sprawled on bed {Shaddow snoring away}, and in my jammies; soon to be medicated, ahhhhhhh.

In brief, skimming many details, today is almost over {yea!}.

WARNING: may be disjointed ramblings due to fuzzy headed wheezing feverish woman with the crud.

I picked up my car (thanks mr. anonymous gifter!), put some gas in, gauge isn't right, drove to my gp's. General practitioner fits me into her massive press of patients, decides she doesn't like the sound of my lungs (wheezing as fluid fills them), the looks of my ears/nose/throat (all interconnected, so may as well be a unit, that's why there's ENTs); so she gives me a Z-pack and cough syrup with codiene. I go to the drug store to pick up those meds, gas gauge is now working fine; pharmacist cautions me that the cough syrup with codiene will make me dizzy (so I assure him that I plan to take it while driving on the interstate, just for kicks). I also go overboard with the cough drops. I decide to drop some drops at a friend's, killing a few birds with less stones cuz I need to let her know that I cannot stay in town for this evening's lil girl's piano recital cuz I feel like an itchy mass of drowning shit.

At the traffic light, my car stalls. Again. So Mr. Men in the Car Behind me push me thru the intersection. Again. I call the garage for a tow. Again. Tow man shows up, again, and so on and so forth. Again.

Problem is that the garage just lent the loaner to someone else and so I call friend (mother of lil girl who plays the piano) and fast forward a few hours to me sitting in a church pew attempting not to hack, wheeze, and sniffle too loudly and wishing for a nice stiff wire brush the circumferance similar to one used to clean the barrel of a gun so I can shove it in my ear and scratch the ear/nose/throat region. ahhhhh, bliss. But, relief is denied.

It was a lovely recital and nice visit, however I had to explain to my lil'st friend {who is four, and a half mizz debRAH} that I cannot hold her, or smooch her, or even pick her up cuz I have the strength of an emanciated gnat (on top of the crud, i forgot to eat, how the hell did that happen? forget?!?! pft, i never forget to eat. i like eating. i like food. i like eating food).

In the meantime, I've made arrangements to be dropped off at another friend's place as she was willing to lend me her car so I could go home, take my meds, drink my tea, feed the furrbees, sleep in my own damn bed, and go back into town in the morning for an appt.

Yea!! Such good friends and great strangers have really rescued me. Repeatedly. This year has been a challenge, but for every suck-ass thing, there's been wonderful support that has saved my ass and pulled me thru.

Thanks for great folks, I get to be grateful.

The laugh for today: as I was attempting to climb over a sleeping child in a booster seat and slide open the van's door so that I could go get in a different friend's vehicle and drive home, my legs went out, and my strength sapped for a few moments; leaving me half in the van and half out, with one leg straddling a box and the other somewhere in the back rear seats of the multiseated van. I did my impersonation of Winnie the Pooh: I'm stuck, half in and half out.

Good thing I'm so flexible.


  1. 'tis a good thing you are so flexible. And sturdy. 'Cause you have had a year.

    I think personally, God or maybe the universe just gives us a year of crap now and again to remind us that there is far more good than bad.

    Even when you feel like shit.

    Sweet Girl. Drink some tea!

  2. Drink up that tea lil nut. HOpe you are feeling better soon!


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