13 December 2008

the gasman cometh

Earlier today, I attempted to call my propane company to see if it was possible to deliver and refill my tank. Because the main office was closed, but the deliverer's number was given on the company's outgoing message; I called a cell phone {shudder}. But because my normally soft voice is still on vacation and all that issues is a squeak that I can not modulate, it took awhile to convince the gas-man that I was not crank calling.

After struggling thru all sorts of repeated spellings of my name, "B! as in ball" (which could have been "D as in Doll"); he finally just started process of elimination and read off names and addresses til he hit jackpot {yea!}. In awhile, he pulled up and filled me up. After he handed my my delivery slip, he slouched off. He didn't seem to happy and usually I have more compassion, but today, I just wanted to get back inside and breathe warm heated air that didn't reek of fumes.

Thing is, back in September when I prepaid, I locked in a rate. Over the past few months, I am rather sure that the rate has dropped and I think that the savings ought to be passed on to the customer. But my delivery charge slip did not reflect that. So I will be going to visit my petroleum company Monday to see what can be done, if anything.

Do any of you know what your current propane prices are?

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  1. quaLil Nut! I feel so much better knowing that you'll be warm!


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