05 December 2008

my mama don' tole me, there'd be days like these

Ya know how ya get tossed around, to and fro, with some calm spots thrown in just for kicks? I know the holidays are like that for most folks, especially so for those who experience lots of turbulence anyway. So today was my day this week to experience the not so wonderful parts of being up down and all around.

Yesterday, I had a lapse in judgment. When I got the great news about my student loans being forgiven, I called Scott. Five years of sharing my great news with him kicked in and I called him to share that great news too. The call went well and I had some warm fuzzy feelings toward him.

But that all went away today. In fact, it was gone by this afternoon, altho I had thought that perhaps it wasn't a fluke, a lapse, poor judgment on my part. So I'd called him this evening.

And dudes, whatta mistake. I wish that I'd not called yesterday; but I did. Let today's interaction with him stand as the standard for the last 4 months and whatta good lesson for me not to slip up and give further chances that are not deserved.

Two of my very sweet friends helped to make me feel tons better, without even knowing what was wrong. Also, my counselor has arranged for someone to help me out with the rather expensive car repairs. So, ya know what? My faith in mankind is restored.

As well as confirming my views of Scott as a man beneath my concern.

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