29 November 2008


Oh hey! The forecast is calling for snow tomorrow night and Monday. Here! in Mississippi! wow!

I think seven years ago it snowed on the farm, the falling snow would melt as soon as it hit the surfaces so we didn't even have ground cover, but still all the schools and most of the businesses shut down and the county tried sanding the roads (but since we are not in the snow zone, we don't have snow removal equipment and the county and all its peoples always freak when it even LOOKS like we might get snow). Hell, someone spits out their window and the car behind them thinks it's raining and swerves to miss the drop of wetness, crashing into oncoming traffic. Yeah, we're that much fun.

Five years ago, I woke early one morning in Tupelo and watched it snowing while it was still dark. I woke Scott up, crowing like a child, "it's SNOWING, it's snoWING, it's SNOwing". Then the sun came up and the snow was no more. Pretty while it lasted in the air, tho.


  1. We had our first snow here in Hooterville today. It was pretty, but I'm not mentally prepared for Winter yet.

    Scroogily yours,

  2. We've had several snow showers and I have been overjoyed with everyone of them. None of them have laid yet but I'm still happy.


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