23 December 2008

Merrrrrrry Christmas Eve

My date the other night was wonderful! Originally, it'd been planned for Tuesday night; but Monday afternoon, Mr. Date-Dude called and asked if we could bump it up to Monday night. I said, "sure thing." Yeah, cuz I'm that much fun.

I got there first, cuz I'm always early for everything {and cuz I couldn't wait any longer; yeah, I don't even wrap my presents, I just give them as soon as I finish them~~lookitit, now, Now, NOW}. When he got there, he told me that the pictures don't do me justice {*blink*blink*}. And that, my friends, set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Mr. Date-dude's a perfect gentleman.

We had a wonderful time. So, Christmas Day, I'll be on date number two. We'll be seeing "The Spirit", which opens Thursday.

Merry, merry everyone!

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  1. I'm so happy that everything went well!! I'm sorry I missed you the other night. Can't wait to hear the details!


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