07 December 2008

doing it up right

This morning, I drove me, my cookies, my card, my one-piece hot pads, and my loaner caddy (cuz dude, i be stylin! still) into town to my counselor's church. It's a huge church and I think I met everybody cuz word got around that I was looking for her and folks were popping out left and right to let me know there has been no siting. I felt a bit like I was navigating an elaborate video game of a treasure hunt, ya know the kind where you can carry only a certain number of things and may get distracted from your quest {carry the light forth, grasshopper, and do not squoosh the cookies}. Eventually, I did meet up with my counselor and I got to hold her littlest (just a little over three months and way too cute, I wanted to just gobble her up, starting with her rosy plump cheeks and button of a nose).

I gave her the bags of tropical cookies and the card for Mr. Anonymous Gifter. One bag of cookies was for my counselor and her family and so were two one-piece hot-pads. Then I scooted out the door after the hand-off {now the treasure is yours, see that it gets to the right place, master of the grasshopper}. Eventually when I did get home, my counselor had left a message telling me that I'm only the second ever person to actually give thanks to this Mr. A. Gifter; he is a generous man who has gifted many folks over the years. That makes me feel good, to know that I made him feel good for making me feel good. It was a good ole fest of good feelings.

After I left the church, I drove over to Jacki's place. She was thinking I might come so she was up, awake, dressed, coffee percolated, and the welcome was warm as could be. I gave her a bag of tropical cookies, which she tried and L.O.V.E.D. We visited awhile and then she took me out for dinner at Mexico Tipico {yum!}.

After I dropped her back at her place, I drove over to see another friend. As we sat and visited, she too munched on a few tropical cookies {loving them, yea!}. Her lil'st one snuggled up on my lap and fell asleep. She's a bit big and so I was holding on to her legs with one arm and had my other arm wrapped around her shoulders and she was just limply sacked out, snoring softly in little huffing chuffing puffs into my neck. This was very sweet and she won't be able to do that much longer cuz she's getting too big for my little lap. As sweet of a treat that was, I was beginning to worry after I realized an ant trail was disappearing up my sleeve and my glasses were dangling on the very end of my nose. Finally, I hadda snag the mama's attention cuz pieces are parts of my body were either tingling with nerve-deadened halted circulation, or tingling with ant maneuvers, or both.

Now, I am home, with Gingerbread Spice tea in my bear mug. He looks amazing like me, we both wear glasses, read books, stick our tongues out, and have furry butts. Well, k, mine is not that furry.

Really. 'tisn't.

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