17 December 2008

jammin' jammies

This morning, I picked up my car from the Fix-It Dudes' and happily drove to Jacki's, picked her up and then drove over to her eye appnt. My car ran like a charm! The weather was sleety dull gray cold. Messy, messy, messy. Yea, got my car back! Yea, it didn't stall out! Yea!!

But just in case, we made sure that Jacki had her cell phone. And that I had my AAA card. And we took extra jackets so we'd be warm and dry if we had to stop along the highway. But we didn't need any of that. Yea!

Actually, we did need her phone. She's been trying to get her modem upgraded and installed and all that other fun stuff. Her sister sent her a laptop for her birthday and Christmas, so she was trying to get it all worked out so that she can use the lavish gift. But, the modem is doing weird things.

Just how weird? Well, while she was trying on eyeglass frames, her cell phone rang and it was her landlord in a complete panic. Apparently, her modem has been dialing 911; dispatch called her homeline {no one answered}, sent her landlord over {cuz I drove my car to her eye appnt, her car was parked in front of her apartment}, he let himself in to an empty Jacki-less apartment and panicked til he remembered that he has Jacki's cell number. After she assured him that yes, she is fine; no, there's no emergency; no, she certainly was not deliberately setting her modem to dial 911; and yes, she will be home later~~we decided that we couldn't make any firm definitive decision regarding her eyeglass frames cuz after awhile, we both burn out and making any decision becomes pointless cuz neither of us can do it. Besides, frames are pricey beyond belief! {markup, doncha know?}

After we left there, we stopped by kMart. I've not been there for years. And years. Jacki picked out some awesome flannel jammies with martini glasses all over them. She also bought me my christmas jammies! The Joe Boxer jammies were buy one, get one free. So, I picked out heavy cotton pink jammies with hearts arranged in flowers. And Jacki got me super soft pink footies to match my pink sweater that I wear with my other jammies. It was a jammin' time!

So now, I'm freshly showered and wearing my new jammies. yea! for me!

{it takes so little to make me a giddy girl}

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