28 October 2005

Taking the next step

Well, in less than 2 months, we've presented, supported, educated, and advocated to and for and with about 100 people in person.  I've taken a few weeks away from mass emails and other letters with info.  But, I'll probably start that again in this next month.

But, this Sunday night, I set off for Lake Tiak-O'Khata for the Peer to Peer MENTOR Education Training.  I took the education course in June and it was my first NAMI experience.  Now, I am preparing for the position of mentoring for others when they take the Peer to Peer Education workshops.  Cool, huh?

We train Mon, Tue, and Wed.  I imagine it will be very good.  But I think come Wed evening I will be one sleepy, tired girl.

Speaking of which....blink, yawn, blink...g'ni

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  1. You ultra-busy lady, you...

    Thanks for stopping in to visit with me, Debra. It was great to see you, and I love making new friends. [:)]

    ~Brian @---->---



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