03 October 2005

I've been pimped, she squeaks joyously

Bon and Mal over at The Diatom Project have stopped by my journal and decided it might could use a little help with getting the word out.  So they did an entry just for me, and I am reaping the rewards already.  Thank you, Bon & Mal!!!!

That's how Gem found me.  And how jcrazytrain stumbled over.  My special thanks to those of you who find me through mentions at other journals.  And my extra special thanks to those of you who mention me in your journals.  And my super duper extra special thanks to Bon & Mal.


1 comment:

  1. Well, thank you for the kind words and the return props. Good journals deserve to be publicized, and we like to do our part.
    Bon & Mal


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