12 October 2005

"...nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall..."

Well, you know as well as I do, we all make mistakes.  Even the post office makes their share of faux pas.  So here's the thing...

It's actually quite funny.  No harm done.

About a month ago, I got a call from NAMI-MS office to see if I could fill in for a woman who had to leave the area on short notice.  Sure, I said, just send me enough pamphlets and materials to get started.  So they did.

Well, I take my peach colored slips to the post office to claim my packages.  Mr. PO-Clerk takes the slips and disappears.  For a really long time.

I am beginning to think, maybe he went for lunch, break, or something.  But nope, he comes back and very apologetically says to me that 2 of the 3 packages are accounted for and if I could just sign here and print there and then sign here and print there, well then he would give me two of the three boxes.  Yeah, ok, and?

Mr. PO-Clerk says to me that he will scour the back, ask my delivery man, diligently search all the nooks and crannies.  In short, he vowed, he would live no stone unturned.  I was beginning to think I saw his chest swelling and then I decided it was a trick of light.

So nothing comes of it.  Til today.  Today, I was in my whitee-tightees, about ready to strip them off and climb into the shower.

When I hear a horn blast several times, my 3 dogs went into a spasm of barking, and I went into a spasm of trying to jerk jeans on and i grabbed the first top and shoved my arms and head into the appropriate holes.  The top turned out to be my PJ-shortie gown.

I tripped over the dogs and made it down the steps in one piece.  I go out the gate to meet the PO delivery man, who is rather friendly.  He didn't even smirk at my pj's and wild hair.

He says, hey there!

I say, hey!

He says, I got this here box that's been supposed to back to the sender cuz of the red-hand return-to-sender stamp, see there?

I say, I sure do see it.  It's the box that I was supposed to get like a month ago.

He says, That's what I thought too.  I looked at the date on the stamp and I said, that gal out there, she probably needs this here box.  I better run it on out there.

I say, Well I sure do appreciate it.  I took my lil peach slips in to claim it and they couldn't find it.

He says, Well, here you are.

I say, thank you so very much.

He leaves.

I think, ya know, I betcha it's cuz it didn't snow, sleet, nor hail on account of it being SUMMER in Mississippi that I didn't get the package til now, that the evenings are chillin.....

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  1. Help! My head is spinning. I just read your "uh, and other witty comebacks" in my Bloglines window and I clicked in here to leave a comment and none of your entries look the same. Trippin my head out, was that intentional? Or, is it just that I'm tired. Pass the coffee please. :-D ---Robbie


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