22 October 2005

Bath Day at Debra's

I just couldn't stand it anymore.

The filthy.
The smell.
The wafts of aroma that trailed...
The mud.
The dried (and yet oily) skin.

Times a couple-few bodies.


So, first I dumped Ace in the tub.  Scrubbed him down but good.  He stood still for it.  Though you'da thought I was traumatizing the poor guy.  Drying him off was okay too.  He seemed to like the attention.  I even got in and cleaned his ears out.  He obliged by cocking his head, first thisa way then thata way.  He got his special-favorite treat.

Then I dumped Ziggee in there.  He tried his damnedest to wriggle and writhe and slip my grip and plunge out of the tub.  But I held my own.  After all, he's about 5 pounds.  Soaking wet.

I cuddled with him while I was towelling him off.  He was shaking like uh, well, a chihuahua (which is in his genes).  I cleaned his ears out too.  But only after I pried him off my chest.  I don't know why he was cowering so.  But for some reason, baths just aren't his thing.  But all's well.  He was a good guy.  Yes, he was.  He sure was.

Then Shaddow eyed me up.  I eyed her up.  We both headed down the hall.  I went into the bathroom, she tried to turn the backdoor knob.  I wrestled her into the room and shut and locked the door.  Ya gotta understand, the lock is about my eye-level so I counted on it to keep her in.

I heaved her into the bathtub.  Here's where it gets interesting.  She's a lab.  65 pounder.  The best way to "bathe" her is with the shower.  So, I climbed in too and got her nice and soaked, me too.  I lathered her up with apple doggie shampoo, me too.  I rinsed her.  Then let her out of the tub.

Shake it off, girl!!  Shake it off!

She shook it off everywhere.

After I showered, I climbed out and toweled her down.  I grabbed a few more towels and dried her some more.  And well with a lab, ya just don't have the same dryage success rate as you do with say, a boston terrier or a rat-cha.  So, after I cleaned her ears out, I unlocked the door and let her out into the house.

Then I had to swab down the rest of the bathroom.  The floor, the cabinets, the washer and dryer, the walls, and the toilet all were coated with black lab hair.  I'd like to see a forensic scientist try to chart that splatter pattern!

So, now I'm fresh and clean.  I smell vaguely of sugared apples.  Ace is spiffy.  Ziggee is happy.  And Shaddow?  She wanted out into the yard post-haste.

So, come Saturday night, if ya'll are lookin for some good clean fun, head on over to my place and feel free to jump in the suds.

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  1. LOL! I can just see it! I bet you slept good that night!


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