01 October 2005

Bless their lil ole hearts

I sure do love to open my email account and see that someone has left comments in my journal and that AOL has been kind enough to forward them to my inbox.  Course, I did set my alerts that way, but still.  And I especially love it when folks are friendly and give helpful advice.

Why, just last night and this morning too, I had comments that were helpful.  Thus making me extra extra super duper yippittee skippittee happy.

Cuz txrebalgirl26, kreamedkorn, shadowhawk3680, and katric15 all left the same comment after various entries.  And god love em, they were just doing their best to help me find a sexy local...sigh.

Well, ya'll know I gotta man, and I know he'd appreciate the helpful nature of these fine upstanding folk, but I just felt I should oughta block/delete the ids and alert AOL about them.  Cuz I may just be a little slow on the uptake at times, but all that sure did seem like a spaaalamstering (a smattering of spam?) that should be stemmed before it gets outta hand.

  Or I may have to don my protective headgear to keep the spamsters from locating me....shhhhhhhhhh, our secret, k?


  1. THAT pic is the funnites thing I have ever seen.


    ps: shadow hawk got me too.

  2. I just had to commend you on your humor. Your "friends" slammed my journal today with "porn" .. the same three. I also blocked them and removed their comments.

    It is really a disgusting state of affairs when this happens in journaling. It is bad enough we get spam in our mailboxes, but to have our journals so rudely slammed is just too much.


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