25 October 2005

my vivi votes go to...

Journal of the Year:  Judith  Heartsong (love ya Judi!)

Lord of the Blog:  The StupidSheet Guy (St. G, ya done good)

Lady of the Blog:  My feelings are real...  (yes they are, and doncha go fergittin it!!)

Duchess of the Blog:  Adventures of a desperately fat housewife

Marquis of the Blog: Aurora Walking Vacation (p.little, a wide variety with a quirk, my kinda read)

Best use of Graphics:  GCS (even tho his approach has changed slightly, his journal is worth a visit, an add-to-your-alerts, and a few comments)

Most humorous Journal: DATING TIPS FOR PSYCHOPATHS (what can I say?  it speaks for itself)

Most Emotional Journal: Just One Girl's Head Noise (not so much for her display of emotions, so much as the emotions evoked.  pammee, you go girl)

Most Thought-Provoking Journal: My feelings are real...(and don't let anyone ever TRY to convince you that they aren't)

Most Educational Journal: Confessions of a Madman (dedication, MM, you d'man)

Most Inspirational Journal: Just One Girl's Head Noise (cuz she is REAL and sharing and we're all rootin' for ya girl!)

Best Family Journal: DUST BUNNY CLUB OF NORTH AMERICA (an oldie but oh so goodie)

Most Outspoken
Best use of Attitude:  Screamin' Remo (might not always agree with him, but that doesn't matter, he gets his point across and usually with some real gritty intelligence...ya just don't find that very often)

Most Well-Written Journal:  Unhinged (hands down, you kick it girl!)

Best Entry/or Series of Entries: Day in the life of Shelli D (usu a good read)

Best Theme-Based Journal: Stories From My Ambulance (nuff said)

Best New Journal: Adventures of a desperately fat housewife (glad i found it)

Best-Kept Secret Journal: Lotus Martinis (no secret to me)

Most Missed Journal:  (sniff) A LIFE IN SLOW MOTION  (i think i've finally accepted she's not coming back in the form of slomo...and what a great loss to this community that is)

Most Creative/Original Journal: My feelings are real... (gutsy)

SO...from me...
  "My feelings are real.." earns three votes;
  "Adventures of a desperately fat housewife" earns two;
  "Screamin' Remo" earns two;
  "Just One Girl's Head Noise" earns two;
  and to all the nominees, congrats.

I'd like to add a special note:  there were some journals and folks that I love, that were not nominated (admittedly in part because I didn't nominate any one or take part in any phase except this final vote).  Some of these are found on the side-bar.  Also, Jimmy of StupidSheet Guy is a fairly new addition to my preferred reads.   MM (madman) and P. Little (aurora) are great to pass the time with.

And Judi, you ARE the best.  Make no mistake, honeychile...  This lady was the reason I began an online journal in the first place.  You'll always have a special seat reserved in my kitchen, pull up a chair, grab a cuppa, and we'll talk.


  1. I'm on my way my friend:):):) judi

  2. OHMAGOD! I just read this entry and I am so taken aback that I have tears in my eyes!
    Lady of the Blog? Me?
    Bless your heart! You are nuts! Just like me!!!!!But I love ya my sweet, crazy dear!
    Smooch, smooch, wet gunky kisses. Yuck! Get OUT of here, Maryanne!

  3. Oh Frick! Sorry to be spamming you, but I just noticed you nominated me in 2 other categories!

    AHHHHHHHH, sweet mystery of life, you have made me so happy today, Deb!

    Winning is hardly as important as knowing that people truly respect your feelings:)


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