25 October 2005

exasperated doesn't even come close!

To borrow a phrase from the Scalzi dude, "argin fargin"....

I have started this week in a deplorable fashion and seem to be stuck in the mire.  It ain't lookin too awful pretty at this point, guys.  First off, I seem to have started to speak in swahili or some other unknown language to these here parts.  An example of this can be seen by a brief re-cap of yesterday's visit to the Doc's.

Receptionist:  hi, can I help you?  (pointedly ignoring the drug-rep, who was trying to juggle multiple boxes of various sizes filled with samples, yippee!)

Me:  yes, I'd like to make an appt.  I'll need it for the first thing in the morning because I'll have to have a blood draw.

Her:  Well, we don't make appts on Tuesdays.

Me:  ...k, today is monday and I don't want the appt for today, or even tomorrow, it's just that I need an appt that is first thing in the morning, because I'll need a blood draw.

Her:  You can just walk in tomorrow.

Me:  ...K, I don't want to compete with other walk-ins.  I would like an appt.  I need it early, because I need lab work, including blood work.

Her:  Would Wed be ok?

Me:  Yes.  (BIG SMILE)

Her:  Ok, morning or afternoon?

Me:  Morning, preferrably first thing in the morning as I need to have blood work.

Her:  Well, there isn't an appt avail until 8:40.

Me:  ...K, 8:40 Wed morning is great.

Her:  I'll write that down so you don't forget.

Me:  Thanks.

THE OTHER RECEPTIONIST:  hey, don't forget to put it in the computer this time ok?

Her:  Oh.

Me:  (silently eyeing the drug-rep who has now managed to stack all the boxes and is observing this exchange with a rather amused expression, i would have been amused too, had it not been so damn irritating)

Her:  Ok.  Name?

ME (I give my last name, and spell it)

Her:  Oh wait, is that your last name?


Her:  Oh, wait, have you been seen here before?

ME:  yes.  I see Jayne Hare.  (cuz it is a multi-practicioner facility)

Her:  ok, (muttering, jayne hare, (my last name, including spelling it out) appt date and time)  Now, what is it for?

Me:  (blinking rapidly and breathing with a maximum amount of control)
She prompts me, "What's the appt for?"

Me:  Well, it'll be a check-up, including a blood draw, amongst other things.

She finishes with a flourish and looks downright proud of herself.  I prompt her for the appt card that she is still holding.  Then I ask, "Are you still in training?"  (I'm thinking THAT was a stupid question, but apparently not.)

She gives me a puzzled look, "no, I've been here 3 yrs now."

The day did not improve with the propane dealership encounter.

It's days like that I wonder, "Is it just me?  Have I begun to cycle inappropriately...?"


  1. lollll  no honey, people are just stupid that way.

  2. I enjoy people who speak swahili.
    Keep it comin' girl, you're doing fine!

  3. Our encounters with medical pesonnel and their 'sideways' manner of dealing with civilians could fill thousands of pages. It makes for wonderful journal material.
    Good luck.

    Bon & Mal

  4. Oh I love people like that. I really do! Being disabled I take a lot of pain meds. You let them kick in and give me an idiot to play with. Oh the joy! Guess that's why my mom doesn't like to go places with me. Hey, you gonna be stupid with me, you are gonna pay!


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