05 October 2005

NAMI update, on the local front

Anyone who has ever glanced at my journal knows that I am pro-active with NAMI.  They may be following my efforts (and those of others, I ain't doin' this alone folks) since February to get a support group for women with mental illness and brain disorders up and running.  And guess what?

Starting tomorrow THAT group, here in Starkville, MS; that's right, right here in the Golden Triangle Area...is our first women, consumer-based support group.

BUT, there have been two groups that are meeting in Columbus, MS.  Those meetings have been ongoing since the beginning of September.  This is another point of the the Golden Triangle Area.

BUT, wait, (you say) don't triangles usually have 3 points?

Why, yes, yes they do....

And that's why I've done an "In Our Own Voice" Presentation with the Community Counseling Services' Adult Service Providers in hopes of sparking enough interest in West Point, MS.  Thus, making this a true Golden Triangle effort.

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