02 October 2005

In the aftermath of Banned Book Week...

A man breaks the display case glass to get to a rare and old book so that he can read the story on page 106 about a historical figure.  The book is composed of newspapers from an era long ago.  The police found him with the book crammed down his pants and under his shirt.

what can I possibly say?  the act seems to speak for itself...


  1. While doing a search for the 5 known sn's of the Sex Spammer, we saw your journal as one of those mentioned as having done an entry about it. Our eyes could not help but be drawn to the Stephen King quote and the mention of NAMI, both of which we are quite familiar. You deserve more visitors, so we'll do our part by giving you props.
    Bon & Mal

  2. Hi there Debra,
    Gem here...found out about you through Bon & Mal's (The Diatom Project Journal)
    Stopping by quickly to say "Hi!"...adding you to my journal folder link so I can come back to see and read more!
    Have a wonderful week!......I'll be back!
    Gem :-)



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