05 October 2005

Please keep your eye out...

Just keep ONE eye peeled, please....

I think that I have deleted all actual cartoon panels, by Mark Parisi, of offthewall.com.  But I am not sure.  Absolutely sure.  And since I don't want to violate the law, horrors, gasp, and offend anyone in THAT office, I'm asking for your help...

If you happen to see a Parisi/off the wall panel skulking about in my journal, please drop a comment telling me where or when it's at so i can hasten right on over there and dash it from the entry.....

Now, I am aware that I do mention Mark Parisi and offthewall.com (see there, did it again) and I urge all of you to trot on over and gander at his stuff.  It's good.  It's on par with Larson, it's that good.

Kudos to Parisi.


  1. It's a damned shame that some people get huffy when all you are trying to do is widen exposure. If you were attempting to cash in, that would be different, but why do they object to what amounts to free pulicity?
    Bon & Mal

  2. Good God, Woman! I'm gone for three lousy weeks and come back to find you have made one hundred and twenty four entries in that time? One hundred and twenty four? I can't read all those. What am I gonna do?


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