13 October 2005

Omg, omg, omgaaaaawd!!!

Ok, so today, I zoom by and remember to pick up the ladies that I forgot to get last Thursday...I go to the Starkville meeting.  It progresses quite nicely.  I chit-chat with a friend of mine.  That progresses quite nicely.  I love on her baby (who has decided that I am now in her good graces, again).  That progresses quite nicely.  I go to the Columbus meeting.  Say it with me now, that progresses quite nicely.

And guess what?  I've been invited to speak before 40+ law enforcement officers on Monday.  I plan to do an In Our Own Voice Presentation and take along lots of pamphlets and information on the support groups.  I'm sure it will progress quite nicely.

And guess what else?  I've been invited to speak before another group, in Columbus.  And I am sure that will progress quite nicely.

And!!!  Some local therapists and counselors want more information to spread to their clients about the support groups.  So that is progressing quite nicely.

And!!  I got some reimbursement checks so that is very nice indeed.  My gas tank thanks NAMI Mississippi and so does my printer (it was low on ink) and so do I.  So, it is all progressing quite nicely.

Now, if only I could organize the entire backseat of my car....there're pamphlets and books and files, OH!  MY!  and posters and hand-outs and envelops OH, MY!  I am thinking maybe I should change the title of my journal to "All things NAMI-related..."  or how about "MI?  BD?  Take a look-see"?

Ya know, I think I might be feeling a little too happy...

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