25 October 2005

MY Mom

(special thanks to Andi for sending me this little number)

Ok, I know that I shouldn't brag like this, but...MY mom is superWOman!

Alright.  I'm gonna be 35 next month.  Ya'll might say I'm biased.  But, MY mom really is astounding.

And today is her birthday.  She's 29 (again--still, always and forever).  It's appalling that she has a daughter my age...

Lemme list out a couple-few reasons I think MY mom is frabulous.

First, there's the obvious.  I mean, without her, where would I be?  Literally.  No where.  So, there's that.  Ya know, the fact that she's MY mom.

Then, there's the childhood stuff i remember...the sacrifices she made (and didn't make a point to say, "i've worked so long and hard and made all these sacrifices...", cuz really THAT fact is just as important as the acts she did and didn't do, as the case may be).  MY mom graduated high-school, a few years back (but not TOO long ago, mind you, cuz after all she is only 29), on a Thursday (I know this cuz that school always grads the kids on Thursday) and began work at the sewing factory with HER mom on the following Monday.  Mom continued to be a seamstress for most of her adult life, my entire childhood and then some.  She worked lots of overtime, came home and brought work with her, cuz we had several industrial sewing machines in our dining room.  MY mom has always been a hard-worker.

And then there's the fact that MY mom is smart.  And I'm not just talking about book-smarts (although I'll get to that later).  MY mom raised me up to be a critical thinker (tho ya can't always tell, but that's not her fault, lots of that's my own doings).  MY mom was always open to discussion about almost any topic.  If she didn't know much about that topic, she wouldn't bullshit ya into thinking she was all-knowing.  MY mom just knows lots about lots, but then maybe most kids think that about their moms, but with MY mom, it happens to be true.

Then there is the book-smart thing.  MY mom went back to school, earned her Associate's degree, at tender age of 50.  You go, girl!  And guess what?!?  MY mom is now in school again.  Betcha she gets her Bachelor's by the time her 60th rolls around.  GOOD ON YOU, memom!!  (wink)

THEN too, there's that love.  MY mom has a remarkable capacity to love.  She doesn't tolerate shit, so don't try to pull the woolover her eyes.  But she'll love me true forever and for always cuz she's MY mom.

But even if she weren't MY mom, I'd love her anyway...cape, tights, and all...

Happy Birthday, memom. 

I love ya.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

    You raised a Wonderful Daughter!



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