25 October 2005

embarrassing, but shhhh, nobody tell him, k?

Ace has been a good dog since I've had him for about a month.  Well, he was probably a good dog before that, but you know what I mean.  There's been a problem which has persisted though.

Ace had some of the most high-octane flatulence problems I have every encountered.  Clear the room, bring tears to your eyes, leave you gasping for breath, and it lingers.  I thought, well he IS a little guy, comparitively speaking.  And little guys tend to have nervous delicate systems.  So I figured give him time to adjust.  Feed him the good food that seems to have straightened out Ziggee's similar problem when I first encountered him.

But I really thought four weeks would be enough.  Apparently not.  So I looked on line, cuz surely there are sites which discuss canine flatulence issues.  Oh boy and is there ever.

With all sorts of conflicting advice.  Feed him this, avoid that.  No, feed him that, avoid this.  Poor guy, he always looks so down-hearted when the gas passes and he has become a rather smelly dog, needing some sort of relief, solution, pronto!

One possibility that has been mentioned several times has been (gulp) expressing the impacted anal glands.  Ok.  Dudes, I don't even wanna go there.  Literally.

But I will if it means he will be happier and healthier and those of us in the household, including Shaddow and Ziggee, are also happier and healthier.  Cuz I am not sure how much longer my brain can sustain the lack of full-bodied properly balanced Oxygen.  That and Ace really is shamed by this.

So, shhhhhhh, ya'll don't tell him, k?

He's sensitive.

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  1. This was a gas!

    Poor guy...


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