06 October 2005

G'Mornin', Mississippi (blink, blink)

...yawn, sssssssstrreeeeetch...hmmm

the alarm clock went off before dawn, and i stumbled into the shower.  i had forgotten to shut and lock the door to keep ace out.  i heard the boston terrier's snuffle and looked down to see that he was in the tub, sitting as pretty as you please in the light sprinkle falling from the shower head.  ace loves the water, more so than shaddow my lab does.  which is very odd.

ziggee on the other hand was waiting for me to finish, get out of the shower, and he was busy wagging his entire body.  he licked a few droplets off my shin before i could towel off.  that's life with my two lil guys.

shaddow on the other hand, is much more sensible.  she staked her claim long ago.  the sofa is her's.  i just launder the sheets and remake sofa for her every now and then.  yes, i make the "bed" up for the dog and just sorta toss my own covers in the general direction of my own bed.

so, now i am sitting, surrounded with various NAMI paraphenilia (sp) at LJ's Coffee and Bakery.  C'mon down and join me.  The dark italian roast is superb.  you can help stuff envelopes.

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  1. I'd love to come:):):) judi


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