27 October 2005


Well, the latest is that the newest addition to my guy's family won't arrive til next Friday.  The doc decided lil Gabe could grow a bit more in him mum's belly, so they'll wait another week.  I wonder how she is feeling...last time I saw her was when my guy and his sisters (and their families) got together to celebrate their Mother's birthday.  She was just tiny, just starting to show at about 6 months or so.  Of course, all the women in his family are lil itty bitty things.  Making me a giant by comparison.

Speaking of giants, Roald Dahl's "BIG FRIENDLY GIANT" uses the phrase "How whoopsy-splunkers!" rather joyously.  This brought to mind an entirely different babe.  My lil one and half year old friend...

She's recently discovered that unlike her mom who only lets her pretend to feed her, I will bite.  My little friend approached me the other day with an animal cracker and offered it to my mouth.  Actually, she pressed it against my lips.

I (not having children) didn't realize I was supposed to go, "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" until she took it away.  Whereupon, she would feed it to herself.  I didn't catch that little rule in the book, I must not have gotten to the "Toddlers Feeding Others" chapter yet.

Anyway, she pressed the cracker to my lips.  I opened my mouth.  She reached her little hand into my mouth and placed the cracker wayyyyyyyyyyy at the back of my tongue.  For some reason I thought of taking communion from Father Neopachi (I'm not Catholic, but I visited my friend's church when I was a teen, seems I got hazy on rules even then, cuz when she went to take the body/cracker, so did I).

I waited til she removed her hand and then started to chew the cracker, "mm good, thank you."  She seemed sort of pleased and mildly surprised.  So she must have decided this was a fun game, because she got another animal cracker from the bag and was going to feed it to me too.  But I hadn't finished chewing the first one.

My lil friend's mother came back in the room and saw the baby "feeding" me the cracker (pressing it with increasing intensity against my lips) while I was moving my head further back out of her reach.  My friend said, "say, mmmmmmmmmmm, miss debra."

I swallowed and said, "I already did."  My friend looked really confused.  So I further explained, "when she feed me the first one."  My friend's eyes got a bit wider and she opened her mouth for a moment.  This has long been recognized by myself that I did something "not right".

Unsure of what faux pas I'd committed this time, I waited for her explanation.  That's when I found out that you're not supposed to actually eat the offered food, just to pretend that you are.  Well, I thought the roles were reversed, baby feeds adult...but hey this is all new to me at this point.

That would be a "whoopsy-splunkers" move on my part.  I think that's why my lil friend likes me so...I'm a lil different from the rest of the adults that follow the rules to the games.  I actually bite.

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  1. I learned a long time ago that kids make their own rules and change them every five seconds. Just go with the kids flow. It helps to keep the screaming down.


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