01 September 2009

true maroon

ok, now long time readers know that i'm not athletically inclined. either as a participant nor an audience member. but my jerry is an avid fan of sports, not rabid, but avid.

the line gets real thin when it comes to certain teams and certain sports between "avid" and "rabid"; i'm here to tell you!

starkville, miss'ippi is the home of the MSU Bulldogs, colors are maroon and white, and saturday is our first home game. i say "our" because i am going too! and! i'm gonna go tailgating before the game!

now, to nonsporty peoples like me, "tailgating" is something the obnoxious dude behind ya does in crammed jammed traffic. stay right on the bumper of yer pickup, and tailgate ya. so i had to switch my head up and think of the term from a sporty perspective {that's fun to say, "sporty perspective} .

now, i know what it means, really. the picnic atmosphere of folks gathering in the parking lot prior to a game with their grills, and hamburgers and hot dogs and sausages. but this tailgating event on saturday sounds a lil more upscale than that. cuz it sounds like it's actually inside. could that be possible? well, i'll let ya know this weekend!

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  1. It's not inside, but the area is well shaded! Love ya!


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