19 September 2009

here's the plan, man!

this morning, we all got busy right away. mic {my brother} repaired walls, and jerry helped him tear out two closets. jerry pulled the nails and cleaned up the 2x4's for future use and then the two of them headed out to Lowe's and a few other building supply/hardware stores. mom primed and painted some of the areas she had prepped yesterday. so now the short hall is done and the guest bath is all primed ready for paint tomorrow. i spent the day krud~kutting/deglossing the walls in three rooms. three rooms look like an adolescent boy's face, dotted with patches of dry~wall mud. one room is three quarters of the way painted with the first topcoat, the rest of it needs to dry out and then be sanded before it too can be painted.

when the guys got back from town, jerry had a massive headache and he was very disgruntled with the folks at Lowe's. mic was none too happy either, and as we ate our pizza for late lunch, the guys told us about their bad experiences. then, we called a few other places for some things, and jerry rode the bike in to pick up some stuff he could put in his backpack.

around six or so, jerry settled his freshly showered self down to watch state's game, only to end up having our direct tv cut out for about half an hour or so. it was pouring rain and so he tuned it in on the radio. mic and he are standing in the living room, rooting on various players {as tho they can hear all the yabbling from all our homes!} while mom is sorta watching, sorta reading, and sorta just resting her bones.

so, tomorrow, we have a game plan. mom will paint the bathroom {mic has determined the lever needs to be replaced so that the shower can be used, i thought it was that, but i'm not a plumber...glad he can fix it, and save us a lil money} and then paint more in some of the other rooms in the addition. jerry will be removing the nails and cleaning up the remainding lumber from the closet in one of the rooms. i'll krud~kut/degloss the rest of that room and by then the mud patches of repair should be dry and sanded and ready to be primed or painted over.

tomorrow evening, we need to start cleaning the floors in preparation for Monday's delivery of sub/underflooring. i've swept the floors back there many times over the last few months. they are particle board and so are not a smooth surface. this means that gritty dirt and dust settles in the layers and cracks and that all has to be cleaned up before we can begin to lay the floors. that will be a meticulously careful process but any job worth doing is worth doing well! right?

so that's the plan, man!

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